Seattle Drupal Web Developer

Tom Wheeler, President of Wheelercreek Studio, Inc., serves the local Seattle Washington Drupal community.  He has programmed numerous web sites for clients around the country. Tom specializes in creating custom Drupal themes - built on the Foundation framework, and building custom sites extensively.  He also teaches college level courses in Drupal design and programming.

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Tom has taught and programmed in Object Oriented PHP and mySQL for several years and is comfortable with front-end development in Javascript, SASS and CSS 3.

Drupal Theming

HTML, CSS and Javascript are challenging subjects on their own - but how do you incorporate them into a robust CMS framework like Drupal? Tom Wheeler, a local Drupal designer and developer is skilled at doing just that. If you need your site to look beautiful, clean, and sophisticated, and yet still be dynamic and controlled through the Drupal framework, Wheelercreek Studio can give you just what you're looking for at a very reasonable price.

Drupal Developer: Custom Module Development and Programming

If existing Modules don't have the exact features you need, we are very comfortable programming custom modules to meet your needs. Many strategies for customizing Drupal involve installing and configuring combinations of contributed modules. And sometimes the best approach is to create a completely custom module to meet the design requirements. Tom is totally comfortable programming with Drupal's API to accomplish whatever you are looking for.

The Seattle area is of course a hot spot for web technologies – especially Drupal. We have connections with several other designers and programmers in the Seattle area. If you have a large project, we can ramp up with skilled Drupal professionals to meet your needs. Having taught web designers and programmers for over 15 years around the Seattle area, Tom knows talented people who can do just about anything.

Please visit Tom's web portfolio, to see Seattle Drupal development.