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Project Overview

Web Design

Food Hero is a collection of resources on several healthy food related topics. Recipes, raw ingredients, food education, safety, and even gardening are all core areas of the website.  Information needed to be presented in both English and Spanish. The target audience is the general public, but also educators, and even kids!  

There are monthly magazines, video content, tools for educators, gardening calendar planning tools, and kids activities (both online and print-based).  

Over time the website had grown very large, and the structure of the navigation was limited. The site had numerous important areas and features that were buried and difficult to find. Most visitors were totally unaware of the great features and information buried several clicks into the site. 

Our Solution

We designed a completely new look and comprehensive site architecture for the website, bringing exposure for the buried features up to the homepage and other important landing pages.  We implemented better search tools, and recipe filtering and organization tools. 

Food Hero is a project created for the Oregon State University Extension Service. This Drupal project involves significant custom theming and module development. The site is active in 2 languages, and utilizes Spanish and English dynamic switching, AJAX, and a responsive design.  

Food Hero is an ongoing project.  We've recently completed a Drupal 9 upgrade, and continue to build many Javascript online activities for kids, such as online coloring pages, matching games, bingo, jokes, and other activities. If you visit the kids page, you can see a lot of the fun things we're building for them. The site averages about 150,000 visitors a month.

The Website

Food Hero homepage
Recipes landing page
Recipe page
Kids landing page
Gardening calendar

Mobile & Tablet Experience

Food Hero mobile homepage
tablet size layout

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