About the Paintings on this site

By t.wheeler on Nov 1, 2015 - 09:55am
Painting of the East Fork of the Lewis River

These paintings of rivers and rocks were actually all painted by me (Tom Wheeler).  I have a sort-of dual personality going on, and try to spend some time every day drawing or painting.  

You can check out what I'm doing on the art side of things at http://art.wheelercreek.com.  

Almost 20 years ago now I completed a BFA degree in Illustration, but never exactly became an "Illustrator".  But I also never stopped painting.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to paint, (well, I guess I'm still figuring that out) - but mostly I paint nature subjects.  I've done a lot of riverbeds, but also enjoy portraits, and currently I'm painting more birds and wildlife.  

One of the reasons I went into business for myself is to be able to dedicate a little more time to becoming a better artist.  And I've had a bit of success here and there.  Right now I paint around 8-10 paintings a year (in a good year), and they actually tend to sell pretty well.  

I can hear what you're saying:  "So Tom, if your true passion is art, then why do you build websites?"  A good question, and one I sometimes ask myself.  I think there's probably a couple answers..  first, although I have sold a number of paintings - art income is very unpredictable.   And second, as much as I love art, I can't deny that I also really enjoy coding and developing websites.  

Too much of anything is not good, and I find it's nice to be able to pull away from one activity and jump over to the other one. Oh and, I've also been teaching for the past 15+ years but that's another story.