Javascript Final Project

For the final project you get to create either a simple game, or a website widget that will look great in your final Ai portfolio.  You could create a website project that focuses on some kind of user interface tool, adds to the interactive experience, and/or incorporates animation in some way. 

Some acceptable Website widget ideas would be (for example):

  • An interesting / helpful site navigation tool
  • A high-quality interactive slideshow
  • Some kind of interactive homepage featured blocks area
  • Animated responses to site interaction, where hidden elements are revealed as user performs some action (scrolling down, mousing over elements, etc). 
  • Here's are a couple examples of sites using JS very nicely in different ways: 

Example game ideas:

  • Hangman / wheel of fortune / word games
  • Animated simple spaceship games
  • Logic / visual puzzle games

Design counts - because I am looking for a nice portfolio showpiece, design will have an impact.  Obviously most of grade will be focused on the programming. 


Whatever you do, DO NOT turn in some tutorial code or sample widget you found on the internet as your final project.  It's great if you find code to help you understand concepts, and you can make use of someone else's prebuilt objects or libraries (like jQuery) but you need to code this project yourself.  You will get points for trying and failing.


Visual Design: 15%
Programming: 85% 

An "A" project should be impressive, (interesting / fun), working well and be generally bug-free.  The code should be clear with helpful comments to explain what's happening.